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 ComicKart – Buy What U Love

  • ComicKart is an endeavor to build a platform to cater to back issue comics from India & foreign countries. We will try to provide a variety of comics at a reasonable price. Most comics for sale are used, old, rare & out of print comics.
  • Comics can be collected for various reasons such as Reading, Hobby, Art - Comics with cool covers or key issues can be framed and displayed & more importantly it is now being treated as an Alternate Investment.
  • Currently, old Comics are affordable to most classes of people, though many key issues are not so cheap any more (Foreign as well as Indian). But still a good amount of quality Comics are affordable.                                         
  • Old Foreign Comics which are sought after are DC, Marvel, Archie, Harvey, Goldkey, Charlton, Dell, Asterix, Tintin, etc.
  • Old Indian Comics are sought after both in English, Hindi & other regional languages. Some of the popular collectible Comics are Indrajal, Dolton, Modern, Falcon, Kiran, Gotham, etc.
  • Now, many Indian independent artists & writers are publishing their own titles and Comics as a medium is on an upswing.
  • Superhero movies, TV serials & Comicon expos are spreading more awareness about the medium. Even people who have not read Comics are now more aware about Superhero Comic characters than they were before.
  • Comic book content is being used to make Superhero movies, Cartoon series & TV serials. Lots of merchandise like clothes, toys, memorabilia are using these characters.
  • ComicKart will initially sell backissue comics. Future plans include related items such as magazines, books, memorabilia, posters, etc.
  • Hope, you find your back issues @ ComicKart. So finally, now you have a store where you can Buy What U love!!!  

     Happy Collecting !!! 

     May The Force Be With U !!!


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     Mail: comickartindia@gmail.com

     Mobile: 9029737106